Find the Best Location for Your Property Investment
• Better ROI
• Less risk
• Quicker decisions
Automation of site selection process:
Maximize ROI from your property investment by choosing the right location
Investment potential index and interactive map based on business and human activity data (any US city)
Data-based site short-lists: current and future scenarios
Configured search using specific criteria or reference sites
Applicable for property investors, developers and retailers looking to an expand their portfolio
"Location, location, location"
It is the number one rule in real estate, and often the most underestimated.
Big data
Data from connected devices and location-based apps provides insights on status quo and future trends of locations.
Single index
Use data to inform location-specific investment decisions. A single index measuring commercial diversity, dynamic activity patterns and area accessibility.
Data-driven advice with customized outputs
The interactive map with configuring reports.
Study data using the analytic system and configure your custom output.
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